When Sheep Get Stoned: The Great Greek Cannabis Caper of 600 Pounds

When Sheep Get Stoned: The Great Greek Cannabis Caper of 600 Pounds

In an uproarious and "ewe-nique" incident near Almyros in Greece's Thessaly region, a herd of sheep found their way into a medical cannabis greenhouse, resulting in an unconventional feast. This peculiar escapade unfolded in the aftermath of Storm Daniel, which had unleashed chaos across the Mediterranean country.

While the quantity of cannabis consumed is a matter of debate, with NPR suggesting a staggering 600 pounds and other sources mentioning 220 pounds, it's evident that these woolly intruders enjoyed quite the cannabis buffet. It appears that sheep in various parts of Europe share an affinity for cannabis, often leading to unusual behavior and mischief.

The farm owner couldn't help but notice that the sheep exhibited unmistakable signs of being "elevated," causing them to leap around in sheer ecstasy. He humorously described the situation as both baffling and comical. This incident occurred shortly after Greece had initiated its first foray into medical cannabis operations.

"I'm Michel Martin," exclaimed a reporter for NPR, adding a humorous twist. "A flock of sheep with a serious case of the munchies hit the jackpot after they snuck into a greenhouse in Magnesia, Greece. Their reward was 600 pounds of medical marijuana. The sheep were seeking shelter following Storm Daniel's heavy rain and flooding in the region. After the unexpected feast, farm owner Yannis Bourounis quipped that the sheep were jumping higher than goats, which, we're told, never happens. Clearly higher than goats!"

Typically, sheep graze on grass, legumes, clovers, and wildflowers. However, this curious incident was triggered by the flooding caused by Storm Daniel, which resulted in over a hundred thousand animal casualties and the loss of 17 human lives in Thessaly and central Greece.

The mayor of Tyrnavos, Yiannis Kokouras, expressed his concern over the urgent need for animal feed to prevent livestock deaths from starvation. The devastating floods had a profound impact on agriculture in Thessaly, Greece's primary agricultural region, prompting livestock to seek sustenance in unexpected places. Crop losses, including cotton and apple orchards, further exacerbated the agricultural challenges.

Interestingly, nearly all animals, from vertebrates to invertebrates, possess endocannabinoid systems, which could explain the sheep's attraction to cannabis. Notably, THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, is generally not recommended for smaller pets due to its potentially potent effects.

This amusing escapade serves as a reminder of the unforeseen consequences that can arise from the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. As Greece delves into this new frontier, it must also navigate unexpected challenges, including the curious appetites of livestock. History has shown that when it comes to cannabis, even the unlikeliest of candidates won't shy away from a taste. So, beware of sheep on a high—and not just in the Alps!

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